The Challenges of Winter

Some love it, some hate it: The cold season has its beautiful sides, but it also presents our bodies with some challenges.

Our immune system is really stressed now…

The cold weakens our immune system, as all processes in the cells – including our immune system – are shut down to a certain extent. Since we often stay indoors, viruses and bacteria have an easy time of it. The heating air dries out the mucous membrane, which serves as the first barrier against pathogens. In addition to the all-rounder vitamin C, we also lack vitamin D, which is so important for the immune system. An overview of the past years shows that the supply of vitamin D in general is already a problem worldwide. During the less sunny months, when the body lacks the sunlight to produce vitamin D itself, a much poorer vitamin D supply can be assumed.

A sufficient supply of vitamin D is therefore particularly important in winter. The immune system can be additionally strengthened by vitamin C and zinc. You can find a selection of our SUNLIFE® immune products here.

Physical and mental performance decline in winter….

According to studies, mental performance decreases significantly in winter for all age groups. According to initial findings, this seems to be due to different light and temperature conditions, but a change in lifestyle can also have a major influence. Moderate physical activity and healthy sleeping habits have a positive influence on our brain. Our SUNLIFE® range offers numerous products that help to support not only our physical but also our mental performance. Click here.

Our skin needs extra attention now…

The low humidity at cold temperatures and the heated air indoors cause the skin to dry out and become brittle in winter. As a result, the skin is less well supplied with blood and nutrients are less able to reach the cells. The scalp and thus our hair are also affected. Not only good skin care but also an increased supply of the vitamin biotin, which is so important for skin and hair, can help to counteract the effects of winter. Ingredients such as collagen or hyaluronic acid provide the skin with additional moisture and resistance. Take a look at our Beauty-Skin-Hair Range.