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SUNLIFE® is a producer as well as a supplier to renowned, international trading partners in the food retail and pharmacy sectors, in over 70 countries. SUNLIFE® produces and markets a wide range of: food supplements, OTC pharmaceuticals, medical products, cosmetic and care products.

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Our everyday lives are often turbulent. We don’t always have the time to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Vitamins and minerals form the foundations for the smooth running of our bodies, and are essential for a variety of mechanisms to keep us healthy and lively. Besides a broad selection of carefully selected vitamin and mineral combinations, the SUNLIFE® range also offers specialised products for the urinary tract, the cardiovascular system, weight loss and colds. Beauty products for more beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as pregnancy diagnostics complete the range. All of our products are made in Germany to the strictest quality standards.

Almost no other industry grows and changes as quickly as the nutrition and health sector. Almost every day, there are new studies on the effectiveness of new but also longstanding ingredients. Constant innovation and development guarantee that our products always keep with the times and that their maximum effectiveness can be used.

Our production can be flexibly customised to suit the needs of our clients. We can offer a wide range of various product categories and dosage forms.

Want to position yourself on the market with your own products? As a full service provider, we support you in all the important areas for a product/brand launch. Your success is our top priority.

Standards and certifications

Our products are of the highest quality and are manufactured in accordance with IFS / GMP / HACCP guidelines and DIN ISO 13485.
We also have organic certification.

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