Marketing service

— A good product deserves attention

A good product deserves attention

At SUNLIFE, we work together with our customers to develop the best possible products. To ensure these are actually seen by the consumer, our in-house graphics team offers a comprehensive marketing concept. This includes:

    • Developing layout and packaging concepts.
      We tirelessly work until the layout meets our client’s expectations and properly reflects the product’s quality.
    • Coming up with packaging text.
      Here, the main consideration is to guarantee the products’ marketability, comply with the latest scientific data and work in the consumer’s best interest.
    • Preparing and implementing offers and themes.
    • Designing advertisements and developing advertising materials, texts and brochures.
    • The conception and implementation of display offers with own display building.
      Sometimes we develop individual products, sometimes a full product portfolio. In order to position these or to draw attention to the product launch, we offer a variety of offer and presentation options.
    • Listing and registration of trademarks.