— 20 years

— 86 countries

— 1 principle

SUNLIFE: 20 years, 86 countries, 1 principle.

Even today, SUNLIFE is a family company. And we’re especially proud of that. Since the company was founded, SUNLIFE GmbH has continued to grow each and every year. In the meantime, SUNLIFE GmbH operates branded and private label products in over 86 countries. This requires plenty of work and competent staff. In order to accommodate all of this under one roof, our production and administration buildings have also continued to grow. Our Hövelhof site in north-western North Rhine Westphalia remains our home even to this day.

2020 Also in the next years SUNLIFE® is set for expansion

2014 Expansion of the storage and packaging capacity

2011 Relocation of SUNLIFE® to Schierbusch 3, Hövelhof

2010 Expansion of the production and storage facilities by another 4,000 m²

2007 New production and administrative facilities Schierbusch 1, 33161 Hövelhof

2005 Production and storage area approx. 8,000 m², administration and office area approx. 1,500 m²

2000 Expansion of the storage and packaging capacity by an additional 800 m² to produce a total area of 4,800 m²

1999 Relocation of SUNLIFE® and enlargement to Hövelhof

1997 Foundation of “SUNLIFE® GmbH” in Delbrück / Westphalia