Silica + biotin capsules


Packaging size:
Folding box (77 x 38 x 122 mm)

48 Capsules

GTIN product:

Silica + biotin capsules

For skin, hair, nails and connective tissue

Food supplement with silica, vitamins and minerals.

A sufficient supply of nutrients is important to the growth and beauty of skin, hair and nails. As the body cannot produce trace elements like silicon itself, it is recommended to ensure sufficient uptake through food

Siliceous earth has been valued as a pure natural product for generations.
Biotin contributes to the retention of normal skin and hair.
Zinc plays a role in cell division and contributes to protecting the cells from oxidative stress and the retention of normal nails.

Calcium is needed to retain normal bones and teeth, while vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and use of calcium.

SUNLIFE® Silica + biotin capsules are a high-quality food supplement that is produced and tested under international quality guidelines.

Composition (per 2 capsules):
Silica – 200 mg (**)
Biotin – 350 µg (700 % NRV*)
Zinc – 5 mg (50 % NRV*)
Calcium – 240 mg (30 % NRV*)
Vitamin D3 – 5 µg (100 % NRV*)

* % NRV = nutrient reference values
** no NRV available

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