Lactase Tablets


Packaging size:
Folding box (50 x 22 x 73 mm)

100 Tablets

GTIN product:

Lactase Tablets

Supports the digestion of lactose in people with lactose intolerance

Lactose is found in many foods, such as milk, yoghurt, quark and cheese.
So that the lactose can be used by the body, it is broken down into its components glucose and galactose by the body’s own enzyme, lactase.

Lactose intolerance is a lack or reduced activity of the body’s own lactase.
So, undigested lactose ends up deeper in the bowls, where it is broken down by gut bacteria. This can result in typical symptoms such as digestive complaints and bloating.

People with problems digesting lactose can improve their lactose digestion using lactase.

The lactase contained in SUNLIFE® Lactase Tablets replaces the body’s own enzymes, leaving you free to enjoy meals containing lactose without worry.

Composition (per tablet):
Lactase 6,000 FCC*

*FCC= Food Chemical Codex unit

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