Biotin 10 mg Tablets


Packaging size:
Folding box (78 x 20 x 126 mm)

60 Tablets

GTIN product:

Biotin 10 mg Tablets

To prevent biotin deficiency

The cause of brittle nails, thin hair and skin problems may be biotin deficiency.

Biotin – also called vitamin H – is involved in the formation of keratin, the structural protein in hair and nails. It is therefore important for strong hair and nails as well as a healthy complexion.

Biotin cannot be made by the body, so must be regularly absorbed through food.

Taking high-dose SUNLIFE® Biotin 10mg Tablets can prevent biotin deficiency.

Composition (per tablet):
Biotin – 10 mg (20000 % NRV*)

* % NRV = nutrient reference values

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